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Sasha Fletcher

Welcome to Apostrophe Cast. This episode we bring you a reading from Sasha Fletcher's novella, When All Our Days Are Numbered Marching Bands Will Fill the Streets & We Will Not Hear Them Because We Will Be Upstairs in the Clouds, available from Mud Luscious Press. In antiquity, Apocalypses were a thriving genre. Their creation has revived in our own time as never before, but Sasha Fletcher's verve for celebrating the absurdity of an existence we can't fully explain in the face of an oblivion we can't explain at all is less a call to repentance than a cause for celebration itself. Please enjoy, Sasha Fletcher.



Apostrophe Cast is a bi-weekly online reading series of all things literary. Every other Wednesday night, we offer a new reading or performance from another contributor. Our readings include creative writers from all genres, including fiction, poetry, songs and nonfiction.
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