apostrophe cast - a literary podcast

Lily Hoang reads from her novel Revolutionary Evolution for Apostrophe Cast

Lily Hoang

This episode we are pleased to present the triumphant mutations excerpted from Lily Hoang's forthcoming novel Evolutionary Revolution, out this July from Les Figues Press. From brothers who can wear the same shirt at the same time to asexual mermen, from sideshow freak stage mothers to a girl with truly unforgettable thighs, Hoang gives us a world that refuses to stay in the safe and comfortable shapes we have come to expect. Please enjoy, Lily Hoang.

For more, please read Lily Hoang's Apostrophe Cast Interview.



Apostrophe Cast is a bi-weekly online reading series of all things literary. Every other Wednesday night, we offer a new reading or performance from another contributor. Our readings include creative writers from all genres, including fiction, poetry, songs and nonfiction.
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