apostrophe cast - a literary podcast

Sam Lipsyte reads his story "Dear Miss Primatologist Lady in the Bushes Sometimes" for Apostrophe Cast

Sam Lipsyte

Welcome to the first Apostrophe Cast of 2009. We are proud to welcome the new year with Sam Lipsyte. Lipsyte is not the first writer to see comedic potential in the human desire to search for wisdom in the behavior of apes, but these letters from chimps to a researcher certainly makes him among the most successful. But more than simply hitting home runs off primatology humor, Lipsyte actually does find wisdom by analyzing the behavior of apes, accusing us all of being chimp-like in the process. We might be reminded that when we choose our closest friends from the animal world, we choose dwarf tigers and miniature wolves. Please enjoy Sam Lipsyte reading his story “Dear Miss Primatologist Lady in the Bushes Sometimes."


Apostrophe Cast is a bi-weekly online reading series of all things literary. Every other Wednesday night, we offer a new reading or performance from another contributor. Our readings include creative writers from all genres, including fiction, poetry, songs and nonfiction.
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