apostrophe cast - a literary podcast

Contributors to the launch issue of The Collagist read for Apostrophe Cast

The Collagist

Welcome to Apostrophe Cast. We have all heard rumors that literature is dying, but every so often one reads a new journal that renews one's faith in the future. The Collagist is just such a journal, and the contributors Charles Jensen, reading five poems from Nanopedia, Kevin Wilson, reading from the Big Book of Forgotten Lunatics, and Kim Chinquee reading three pieces of flash fiction, have written such good work that one must believe the rumors of literature's demise are premature. Please enjoy these readings from the contributors to The Collagist.      




Apostrophe Cast is a bi-weekly online reading series of all things literary. Every other Wednesday night, we offer a new reading or performance from another contributor. Our readings include creative writers from all genres, including fiction, poetry, songs and nonfiction.
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