Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Joshua Parkinson

For Thanksgiving, we bring you Josh Parkinson. Parkinson writes of a strange and beautiful world a funnier God might have built for his children in his backyard. But as much fun as it is to listen to Josh, something very like the truth is at stake. The story's whimsical exterior is like a candy shell on a diamond. Please Enjoy Josh Parkinson's " Maribeth V. The Government."

Josh is accompanied by the music of Steve Grubbs from Athens, GA, who performs as Little Francis. To learn more about Little Francis, please visit his MySpace page.

Click here to read the Apostrophe Cast interview with Josh Parkinson.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

BJ Hollars

In the first half of November we are treated to the wise domestic humor of B.J. Hollars. A father's patience with a mouse is set against the background of a family losing patience with him. As he loses his eldest daughter to a boy friend, he must struggle with his squandered authority and his own impotent jealousy. Please enjoy "infestation."

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