Wednesday, June 24, 2009

James Belflower

Welcome to Apostrophe Cast. This episode James Belflower reads from his forthcoming book of poetry, Commuter, out this year from Instance Press. Commuter takes us around the world and through time, juxtaposing massacres and majestic archtecture, collapsing history into news and merging tourism with the flight of refugees. Please enjoy James Belflower

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Brian Evenson

This episode we bring you Brian Evenson, reading his short story "Younger" from his collection Fugue State, out in July from Coffee House Press. Brian Evenson's writing might be compared to Gordon Lish, for its elegant simplicity and lush psychology, or Raymond Carver in his desolation. But the fact is that Brian Evenson's work is only familiar because it sounds exactly like life, and it is frightening because, like life, it points beyond us to what we know is true, but cannot understand. Please enjoy "Younger" by Brian Evenson

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